MyLaffs Joke #1975

A farmer goes into a lawyer's office and say's " I want one of them there divorcees"

Lawyer: "Well do you have any grounds?"

Farmer: "Yep, I gots 240 acres"

Lawyer: "No you misunderstood, do you have a grudge?"

Farmer: "Yep, that's where I keeps my John Deere tractor"

Lawyer: "No, no you don't understand, let me see, does she beat you up?"

Farmer: "Nope, I'm up by 4:00, she gits up about 5:00"

Lawyer: "I'm sorry sir, you just don't understand what I'm asking let me try once more, Is she a nagger?"

Farmer: "Hell no!! But that last kid was and that's why I want one of them there divorcees!!!!"

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