MyLaffs Joke #1904

An 85 year old woman who was recently widowed from her husband was very depressed. She decided that she would be better off dead and was anxious to be reunited with her husband in the afterlife.

"I think I'll shoot myself with his service revolver" she said to herself. But her failing memory had her confused as to where her heart was located. Not wanting to miss and hit some other vital organ and possibly just fail at the task and remain a vegetable for the rest of her life she decides to call her doctor for directions.

"Where is the heart located?" she asks.

"Well it's just below the left breast." replies the doctor. "Why? Don't you feel well?" he inquires.

"I feel fine, but was just wondering that's all." was her reply.

That night at the hospital emergency ward they wheeled in the old lady.

"My God!! said the doctor "What the hell happened to her?"

"Shot herself in the left knee." the paramedic replied.

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