MyLaffs Joke #265

A boy walks in to a brothel, dragging a dead frog behind him. The woman behind the counter says, "How old are you son?"

The boy replies, "I'm nine years old, and I want to fuck a prostitute."

The woman is a bit shocked, but answers politely, "I'm sorry son, but you're too young."

To this the boy slaps $200 on to the table.

"She'll be waiting in the first room on the right, up the stairs."

"I want a girl with active herpes."

"I'm sorry son, but I just can't do that for you," the woman tells the boy.

The boy slaps another $200 on the table.

"She'll be waiting in the second room on the left, up the stairs."

So the boy walks up the stairs, dragging the frog behind him. About half an hour later, the boy comes back down the stairs, still dragging the frog.

Now the woman has been thinking about the boy for the last half hour, so she says to him, "I have a few questions before you go kid. First, what's with the dead frog, second, where did you get the money, and finally, why a girl with herpes?"

The boy replies, "Now I've got herpes. When I get home, I'll fuck the baby sitter and she'll get it. My dad will screw her when he drops her home and he'll get it. My dad will then shag my mom, and she'll get it, and then my mom will fuck the milkman, and he's the bastard who ran over my frog!!!"

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