MyLaffs Joke #244

A fellow walks into a bar, and his eye is quickly drawn to a large glass bowl filled with ten dollar bills. Intrigued, he asks the bartender why the bowl is there.

The bartender explains that it's an ongoing challenge at this particular bar. "For ten bucks you get a shot at three tasks - if you complete them all successfully, you'll get yer ten bucks back, along with the rest of the money."

The fellow expresses an interest in the idea.

"Well," says the bartender, "it sounds a lot easier than it really is. A lot of guys haven't been able to hack it. You gotta drink a whole one of those kegs in the corner over there - then there's this crazy mad pit bull out back, through that door - he's crazy on account of he's got an infected tooth, so you'll have to pull that."

Some of the regulars start to pay attention to the guy, so he inflates his chest and prods the bartender on.

"Well," says the bartender, "then you gotta - upstairs is the lady who owns this place - she's pretty old, but you gotta - well, you gotta make her finish if you know what I mean."

"Bring her to orgasm?" asks the fellow.

"Yup," says the bartender. "That's the third thing."

Without hesitation, the guy proudly places a new ten dollar bill into the bowl, and sets off to the nearest keg in the corner. The regulars stare on, having seen many men fail.

After successfully draining the keg in record time, the man makes his way out the back door, surprisingly staggering very little. For a good half hour, painful sounds of growling and crashing come through the wall as the regulars shoot knowing looks in each other's directions.

As the clamour outside subsides, and the bartender starts to add ten to the running total cash pot, the fellow staggers in through the back door, bloody, clothing in shreds, with a determined look in his eye. The others look on in amazement as he claps his hands together and says, "Alright, now where's that ugly old lady needs her fuckin' tooth pulled?"

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