MyLaffs Joke #232

Luiji met Pasquali coming out of the Federal Building. He had just taken his U.S. Citizen exam and Luiji wanted to know how he had remembered all the things needed to pass the exam.

Pasquali said that he just wrote some things down on the band of his shorts.

So Luiji ask if he could borrow Pasquali's shorts. But Lluiji had never worn shorts before so he got them on backwards.

He went in for his test and the first question was "Who was the Father of Our Country?

He looked at the band of his shorts and wrote down, "J C Penney".

The second question was "How many Stars and Stripes in the American Flag"?

He again looked at his shorts and wrote down, "34-36".

The last question was, "What colour is the American Flag"?

He looked again and wrote down, "Dark Brown".

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