MyLaffs Joke #208


Recently, in Hungary a man went to the bank to ask for a loan. The bank manager said "No way" and sent him on his way.

Irate, the customer returned an hour later with a pistol and a watermelon, and dragged the bank manager out at gunpoint into the foyer.

The manager later explained "I asked him, 'Are you going to shoot me??' and he said 'Not if you fuck this melon!!'"

The gunman then shot a hole in the melon, then with his trousers around his knees and a pistol at his head, the manager got to work on the fruit in front of his staff and a crowd of customers.

Ten minutes of managerial grunting later, daring clerks succeeded in overpowering and disarming the gunman.

"Actually," one of the clerks admitted, "we could have stopped him much earlier, but we'd never seen our manager enjoy himself so much!"

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